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2022 Lisbon Portugal World Conference Online

Hello there! Are you ready for the coolest biofeedback event of the year?

We organize the world’s biggest biofeedback conference.
Get a chance to meet world-class professionals in the biofeedback field and upgrade your knowledge.

Learn, share and explore the latest biofeedback techniques.

You will be able to meet professionals and key speakers in person and ask all your questions.


BENEFITS OF ATTENDING ONLINE - besides the extremly cool e-vibes :)

+participate in any part of the world, even in your pajama

+you’ll be able to get answers to your questions

+have a feeling that you’re in Portugal even when you’re physically not


Presentations from World-Class Professionals in the biofeedback industry - we will email you the pdf versions of the presentations too!

Get answers to your questions even if you are at home

The hottest news first-hand in the biofeedback industry

Whole recording of the conference!

In case you need any help with our 2022 Lisbon Portugal World Conference Online product, don't hesitate to call us on +36-20/250-7190, we are also available on Viber and WhatsApp! If you prefer Messenger, click here and drop us a line!

(511.811 EUR+138.189 EUR VAT) 650 EUR

This is a high quality product

We offer continous product and software improvements

Details of 2022 Lisbon Portugal World Conference Online

Four conference days to upgrade your skills in biofeedback,

not speaking of the premier of the NEW CLASP64 SOFTWARE the attendees will enjoy!


1 December| Training day 0

• Registration - We are providing free tech support for those who attend the conference- Its important that you drop off your device and computer at registration 

• Welcome dinner- We are inviting you to a welcome dinner at the Hotel 

2 December | Training day 1


• Registration 


Opening speech and  Introducing The new Software part 1

• Introducing The new Software part 2

• Filipa Pinto Cardoso – From inside to outside… How to work with the Anti-Aging Panel and what really means to our health this concept


Geert Weijtens - Soul healing & how to use C-scan Program.The work of Dr   Being Hammer, which can be found in the C-scan panel.Looking into deeper causes of disease.Soul Healing is essential when speaking of illness. Healing of soul conflicts underline 95% of all diseases.



3 December  | Training day 2

• András Császi – How to deal with post-Covid and long Covid. Several panels, including Dark Field and Nutrition Panels are very important for the recovery of health. Learn how to use them effectively.  


• Dr. Hebda Hadara – Biofeedback can and it’s used in clinics. And with doctors. Dr. Hebda will show a practical case on how a doctor like she helped a patient with biofeedback… And overlooking several panels in order to conduct the best practice.

• Bala Lodhia – How to effectively use the Homeopathic Panel? And what’s the difference from the general matrix to the Homeopathic Panel matrix? Here you will learn everything about one of the most important programs.


• Fredy Vinagre – How to properly detox? An advanced class on one of the major programs of our software, the Homeotoxicology Panel.



4 December  | Training day 3

• Filipa Pinto Cardoso and Bala Lodhia - Allergies... how do we identify them? And most important? How can we help... There are several ways to help with allergies and we will teach them all.


• András Császi and Fredy Vinagre - Performance - everyone wants to be in their best version. That's why digestion, muscles, nerves, bones, hormones, lymph, sarcodes... all of this need to be balanced in order to have the best performance possible in our lives. This is true for all of us and way more in the focus for athletes who are under an extra pressure day by day and searching for tools to be better while balanced. Good news, you can help them! Learn how to be the best, in your practice and your life. Let's discover the full Spinal program.


• Round table - Q&A session with all Key Speakers


However if you finally decide to meet us in person then see you here:
Hotel Real Palácio, R. Tomás Ribeiro 115, 1050-228 Lisboa, Portugal

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