What is Pozitron Plus?

  • protection agains harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • natural radiationn protection (groundwater, Harman, Curry)
  • stimulation of the flow of energy through organic systems
  • energy stabilization of space

Pozitron Plus has 4 functions

1) It is a very powerful home and business system for neutralization of the pathogenicity of the wide spectre of harmful technical radiation - predominantly in the daytime.

2) It is very powerful home and business system for neutralization of the pathogenicity of the wide spectre of harmful natural radiation (underground waters, Hartman's radiation, Curry's radiation) - predominantly in the night-time.

3) It increases the energy flow through all human organs and organic systems (by a positive eco-psychological stimulation of the involuntary nervous system - that is beyond our control). In that way, it increases our defence abilities.

4) It sends very strong positive energy to our living and working environment. It literally destroys the negative energy in your space and helps people feel better, helps them be more cheerful, less argumentative, less tense. It raises optimism and positive energy.

BioHealth Healing - Pozitron Plus

Get to know with the Pozitron Plus packages

Pozitron Plus Mobile Phone

It is a great neutralizer of the pathogenic specter radiating from repeaters, radio waves, and strong electromagnetic waves that the mobile phone battery also produces during the phone covnersations.

Pozitron Plus Personal

It's energetically helps your body and it makes you more resistant to the harmful radiation and diseases because it makes your immune system stronger. In addition, under the unfluence of the positive frequencies it sends to you renvironment, it provides you with longer periods of a good mood, positive attitude, more positive energy and a great level of self-positivity.

Pozitron Plus Office

Ideal choice for the protection of the small studio, small working space, bedroom, nursery. It is the best choice to protect your working zone. It should be placed on the original box and on your table, closet, floor, or any other place in your office or in the room. You should make sure to keep approximately 30 centimeters of free space around it so POZITRON PLUS can reach the maximum of its efficiency in the radius of 5 meters in any direction.

Pozitron Plus Home

Ideal for the high-quality protection of big spaces. You can use it for the entire house, apartment, office, fabric, school, kindergarten, hospital, etc.

Pozitron Plus Set

POZITRON with the radius of protection of 20 meters should be placed somewhere in the living area to protect the whole house, apartment or the office. POZITRON with the radius of protection of 5 meters can be useful for the protection of one working place, a vacation house, a student dorm. It is also a great present for someone you love.


Two Pozitrons for personal use are designed for two people to always carry them around. Two Pozitrons for the mobile phone will provide high-quailty protection for two mobile phones.

Choose the perfect solution for yourselves or your family!