SCIO, the Cadillac of Biofeedback!

Today the SCIO system is a worldwide known analytical and therapeutic device. Back in time SCIO truly was the Cadillac between the Biofeedback devices and it knew everything it needed but it doesn't change. SCIO is a trustfull and reliable device in these days too.

A good car needs an oil change too

Scio is a good product but their parts sometimes needs refreshing solution. You get a harness for your Scio device but after time you should consider to renew some parts of it.

A good harness is very important

The harness is an important part of the Scio. You should pay attention to it and if after time you need to change it for a new one. An old harness can has lot of problems like the break of the cable, aging of the rubber and it won't lead anything.


For the proper work if the Scio a good harness is indispensable.

The limb harness

We are continously improving our products; this electrode was remodeled in 2018 to make it even more user-friendly. With the improvement we've come up with an easy to clean electrode, made of galvanic rubber with high carrying capacity, that contacts the skin on 8 points. Product tested by the manufacturer; clinically tested.

Are you interested in the SCIO Limb harness?

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