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Transpersonal Tool

560€ + VAT ( 711€ )
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16/09/2019 -
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Model: TTSM01

Transpersonal® Development and Therapeutic Preparation Tool in order to run fruitful therapeutic consultation.

Advantages of the Transpersonal® Tool:

  •  it helps you to wake up your instincts and unique inner spiritual abilities
  •  it lifts you to the emotional state of harmony from any different emotional stages
  •  it activly helps you to ease the psychic blockage of the soul, the resolution of conflicts
  •  it supports the change of your character 
  •  it speeds up the processes of any therapy and healing
  •  it leads the holder to a more vital life style by increasing the resonance.


As a therapist do you also find it important to have your client to reach the optimal soul and spiritual recepti veness as quickly as possible?

By using the soul and spirit optimalising Transpersonal® Tool, the client is able to reach the ideal therapeutic receptive state within 15 minutes. This way during the preparation for the therapy the client will step away from his everyday thoughts, problems and negative emotional state.

In order to reach a conscious state of existence we need energies and the channeling ability of the energy via the aura and the meridians. To channel the life energies it is important to have organized meridian lines and aura structure. If we pay attention to this, we can reach an optimal, balanced body, soul and spiritual stage on ourself or on the client during the consultation process.

Content of the Transpersonal® Development and Therapeutic Tool Pack

  •   Transpersonal® Tool with 7 developmental symbols
  •   Female or Male principal opti mising symbol (1 piece, the opposite sex symbol can be ordered extra)
  •   Tuned chakra crystals (7 pieces) • Transpersonal® sack
  •   Transpersonal® bag with zip
  •   Therapeuti c energizing Transpersonal® T-shirt with Quest9 patt ern
  •   The Transpersonal® Development Tool has a physical advantage – its pure clean design supports the eff ect mechanism. It has a good longevity, easy to maintain, and you can take it with you for your travels.


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