True protection against harmful radiation - Poztiron Plus 

What is changed from 50 years now?

According do many expert statistical reporst, electromagnetic density of radiation in our surroundings is approximately 200 million times higher than 50 years ago. It sounds dangeorus but is it truly dangeorus? We live in times of rapid technological development. Technology makes our lives more simple and easier, increases our personal and professional possibilities and brings a lot of joy to our times fo leisure. It makes us more satisfied. 

But is there any hidden danger?     

Scientists all over the world keep warning us about the electromagnetic radiation. We can't see it. We can't hear it but our living spaces are filled with these frequencies from wireless sources.  

What is exactly the electromagnetic radiation?

All technical devices in our homes and offices, electrical circuits, television, mobile phones, computers, laptops, Wi-Fi (both 2G, 3G, 4G and the coming 5G), mobile signal repeaters, radars, satellites, microwave ovens, air-doncitioning, etc. All of that represents serious threats to our health but the most threatened population are our children because they spend most of their time with their phones and computers.  

There's a solution! Pozitron Plus can protect you and your family!

Pozitron Plus is an innovative, highly sophisticated product based on the fine film technique produced from the 6 kinds of specially designed and processed celluloid materials with superior characteristics.


The Pozitron device is a very powerful home and business system for neutralization of the pathogenecity of the wide spectre of harmful technical radiation predominantly in the daytime. 

The Pozitron Plus can gives you: 

  • Protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • Natural radiation protection (groundwater, Hartman, Curry)
  • Stimulation of the flow of energy through organic systems
  • Energy stabilization of space 


If you want to know more about the Pozitron Plus products visit this site: Pozitron Plus