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Pozitron Plus Sport

POZITRON PLUS - SPORT Increases the PSYCHO - physical fitness of athletes

Observing the constantly changing needs of the market in line with the development of modern technologies. Our products, which stand for quality and efficiency, are already being used on world markets, e. Military and medicine. We are constantly creating new values.
In the last test phase, for example, we carried out the POZITRON PLUS SPORT effect with many amateur and professional athletes. We came to the conclusion that the effect of a number of positive frequencies in the room where POZITRON SPORT is placed has extreme effects on athletes, e.g. increased energy and stamina are stimulated. A wide range of effects of POZITRON SPORT has proven to be a highly effective new added value, which serves as a natural aid to increase the energy potential. The state, rapid relaxation, regeneration, and maintenance of the health of certain human factors that are active in sport.

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Details of Pozitron Plus Sport

Main advantages:

  • Pozitron-SPORT PLUS offers a significant improvement in mental endurance. Quick relaxation, recovery, and body rehabilitation after hard training are just some of the positive effects of Pozitron Sport Plus.
    The positive frequency spectrum of POZITRON SPORT is brought into space by the vegetative nervous system of the athletes. It constantly promotes the work of all internal organs and organ systems with their physiological/natural frequency.
    After the drop in energy flow through individual organs or the entire body, e.g. Through sport, the frequency spectrum of the POZITRON SPORT influences and balances the flow of energy throughout the body with its positive effect on the athlete's body.
    This is especially important in stressful and tense situations, when they quickly deplete the body's energy, but also when you need faster rehabilitation and restoration of the organism.
  • POZITRON PLUS SPORT is extremely effective when the athlete wears the Poztron Sport during exercise, after exercise, or during sleep and rest (the athlete simply places the POZITRON SPORT next to the bed, but it is recommended to have a permanent seat have to set up POZITRON PLUS with a radius of 20 m or 5 m in the living room, at the workplace and in the relaxation area of the athlete ...). In addition to the degree of effectiveness (protection against the pathogenic spectrum of harmful electromagnetic radiation, which forces the athlete's body to consume additional energy and protect itself from aggressive frequencies from the environment) POZITRON Sports promotes a significantly better energy flow in the athlete's brain. Therefore, a significantly stronger mental strength of the athlete can be observed. This makes him better and gives him more strength to focus on his goals and his additional competitions.


  • Increases the flow of energy throughout the body so that physical endurance lasts longer than usual (to demonstrate the effect, the flow of energy can be checked with a professional instrument with electroacupuncture).
  • POZITRON PLUS SPORT (3-meter radius of action for athletes) is an extremely useful product and has an excellent protective function for the athlete's body when it is hung around the athlete's neck. Its frequencies stimulate the vegetative nervous system of athletes, it increases the flow of energy in all vital organs, organ systems. It significantly increases physical endurance and stimulates a better flow of energy throughout the body.
  • POZITRON-PLUS SPORT also has a strong barrier function around the athlete's body, against harmful electromagnetic radiation - GPS, smartphone, notebook, microwaves, repeaters, radio waves, radio, Wi-Fi, satellite connection, batteries of all kinds of all other types of radiation. The body of the athlete and the surrounding environment are exposed to above-average strong electromagnetic radiation so that POZITRON PLUS also protects the body of the athlete from the pathogenic spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. (For this there are certificates and scientific papers that have a protective effect on the pathogenic spectrum. 

It is clear that young people and athletes/athletes make their bodies much more resistant to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) than people who are not active in sports. Because of the excessive electrosmog that surrounds us today, the body of an athlete is always forced to use part of its internal energy to defend itself against electrosmog, so that even today it is an important stress factor that leads to the athletes' internal energy drops. Thanks to POZITRON SPORT, the athlete's body is completely free from the need to waste energy defending EMR. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the fatigue of athletes and increase their mental, physical and physical performance!

This is exactly that part of the stored, wasted internal energy (where the body is normal strength) d to have less energy, whether it pleases it or not) that athletes with Pozitron Plus develop an additional energy potential, which in the crucial moments could be the main cause of top results! (Electrosmog today is stronger than ever and will become stronger, say scientists, we swim in the current of electrosmog. These are the energy frequencies that modern technical devices generate, devices and circuits that are not visible, cannot be heard or felt, scientific and medical results show that electrosmog represents the greatest increase in cancer among young people, so that with POZITRON-PLUS SPORT, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, every athlete offers additional protection for private and private life.

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