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2024 Mallorca World Conference of Biofeedback Ticket for the Event

Get ready for a biofeedback event like no other, where good vibes meet your vibes!

We are thrilled to host our 2024 Biofeedback World Conference! Take this opportunity to meet experts in the field of biofeedback and enhance your knowledge.

Discover, exchange, and learn the most recent biofeedback techniques and get richer with more knowledge and experience!

What is included in the in-person ticket? 

It includes welcome package, welcome drinks, great lunch and coffee breaks, networking opportunities and building relationships with biofeedback specialists all over the world, and also you can attend various presentations through the conference. 

So, don't wait any longer and secure your spot today!


In case you need any help with our 2024 Mallorca World Conference of Biofeedback Ticket for the Event product, don't hesitate to call us on +36-20/250-7190, we are also available on Viber and WhatsApp! If you prefer Messenger, click here and drop us a line!

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Details of 2024 Mallorca World Conference of Biofeedback Ticket for the Event

Technical Support

We are proud to continue our annual tradition of offering complimentary technical support to our valued attendees, with a special focus on your devices. Our dedicated team of experts is here to assist you, providing comprehensive device check-ups, addressing any questions you may have, and offering solutions to any technical challenges you encounter. We are committed to ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for you.

This year, we are going above and beyond by not only providing device check-ups and answering all your questions but also by highlighting that we will INSTALL THE LATEST SOFTWARE FOR FREE. Rest assured that we are with you every step of the way, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the event and get the most out of your journey with us.


Free technical support only available for IN PERSON attendees.

Spanish Translatation:

We are offering SPANISH TRANSLATIONS for both ONLINE and IN PERSON participants!

Spanish translation is provided for all sessions, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to our Spanish-speaking attendees, allowing them to fully engage and benefit from the conference experience


Event Details:

    • Date: October 3-6 2024 
    • Place: Hotel Iberostar Cristina, Palma de Mallorca
    • Topic: New Horizons in Women's Health 
    • Website:


      Frequently asked questions:

      How can I pay?  PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfer (Prepayment)**

      What is included in the ticket?  It includes presentations, welcome package, great lunch and coffee breaks, and the whole recording of the conference!

      What if I cannot make it in person? Don’t worry! You can attend our conference online!


      Speaker Line-Up:

          • Filipa Pinto Cardoso
          • Fredy Vinagre 
          • Bala Lodhia
          • Benita Sorfentein
          • Fernando Crespo-O'Neill
          • Dr. Csomai Zita

      More speakers and topic details are coming soon!

      We cannot wait to share the fascinating topics our enthusiastic speakers are going to talk about!


      Attending the conference in person comes with its own set of perks. Take advantage of a complimentary check-up for your biofeedback device, ensuring it's in optimal condition for your practice. Engage in personal meetings with key professionals in the industry, allowing you to gain personalized insights and guidance. And let's not forget the unparalleled networking opportunities that span the four conference days, enabling you to upgrade your skills, expand your professional circle, and discover new opportunities. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of free technical support to assist you on your biofeedback journey.


      Stay tuned for more details and registration information at Get ready to unleash the power of biofeedback at the 2024 World Congress of Biofeedback Specialists!

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