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Pozy Dog Pendant

The programmed physiological frequencies placed by the POZY DOG pendant (- on cats you put POZY CAT), through the vegetative nervous system, stimulate increased energy flow through all organs and organ systems of the animal, which helps strengthen the immune system, making the animal more resistant to many diseases. Also, the pendant frequencies neutralize the pathogenic spectrum of technical radiation from the environment (WI-FI, 4G-5G networks, repeaters, computers, mobile phones, circuits, technical devices…) so the animal’s immune system does not have to spend extra energy to fight strong unnatural wireless frequencies technologies, which are known as the great energy thieves of the organism. Thus, the animal does not consume valuable internal energy, and the flow of energy through the body is much stronger, and thus immunity. Also, the strong physiological frequency from the pendant positively affects blood circulation, breaks down erythrocytes that stick to the formations, and affects the proper arrangement of erythrocytes in the blood, which ensures much better oxygen transfer to the cells. Thanks to all of the above, your pet will be stronger in energy and immunity, and thus more resistant to most diseases.

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This is a high quality product

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Details of Pozy Dog Pendant

What can you expect using a POZY DOG or POZY CAT PENDANT?

  • Very good protection of the energy health of your dog or cat
  • raising the energy flow of all organs and organ systems of the dog or cat, which contributes to the PERMANENT RAISING AND STRENGTHENING OF YOUR PET’S IMMUNITY and greater resistance to harmful radiation from the environment
  • Less irritability, less timidity, less fatigue, the pet will be less likely to get sick, and if it gets sick, much faster recovery, faster rehabilitation, relaxation, and regeneration of the body is expected
  • The frequencies placed by the POZY DOG or POZY CAT pendant are programmed to calm the vegetative nervous system of your pet, and through a very short period of use, you will notice GREATER CALMNESS, LESS AGGRESSIVENESS, LESS NERVOUSNESS, AND MUCH MORE PLEASURE OF YOUR PET
  • Much more likely to quickly find your lost pet (dog or cat). On the back of the POZY DOG and POZY CAT pendants, we have implemented a UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER and QR CODE that immediately leads to the website where you can register the serial number of your POZY NECKLACE and your contact information. for a few pictures of your pet. The person who finds your lost pet will notice QR-CODE on the back of the pendant, simply scan it via mobile phone, and QR-CODE automatically opens a web page in which he just enters the serial number from POZY NECKLACE, where his data is immediately displayed as a pet owner. This significantly speeds up finding and easily contacting pet owners, which makes this innovation above average competitive, and you and your pet get much greater security and very high added value
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