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Biofeedback therapy for Asthma

13/08/2021 08:00

Asthma is a long-term inflammatory sickness. It causes your airways to get inflamed and narrow and generate plus mucus. Breathing will be difficult and the asthma trigger coughing, wheezing etc. Some physical activities (for example walking, running, cycling) will be difficult or even impossible.

Biofeedback therapy for Asthma

The symptoms and the triggers of asthma are very changeable. It is different from person to person.

The triggers include:

  • pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander or other airborne substances
  • respiratory infections
  • cold air
  • Physical activity
  • air irritants
  • several pills
  • stress or excitement
  • some food
  • reflux

The signs and symptoms are variable, so you must working together with a doctor or a therapist. They can help create a step-by-step plan for living with your problem.


Biofeedback is one of the better documented help for asthma medication. If you understand what happens when you breathe, you can understand asthma. With biofeedback, you can control your body functions with the help of electronic monitoring devices. Biofeedback can improve lung function and if you learn the necessary technique, it will be decrease the need for asthma medication. The biofeedback may affect heart rate variability, which in turn may improve lung function and airway flow resistance.

Based on the research of researchers at National Jewish Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey: