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How does the positive confirmation work?

07/05/2021 08:00

The best way to understand the work of the positive confirmation is if we imagine a toothpaste tube. In the end of the tube there is the positive feelings the way we want to live, to get this you have to push it out everything what is in the tube – in your subconscious -. When you repeat a reinforcement it brings to the surface the blocks, mistakes, non-knowledges, anchord charmic burdens that are ingrained in your subconscious and therefore hinder you.

 How does the positive confirmation work?

Positive confirmations are thoughs or sentences that we say to ourselves to strengthten ourselves in our plans and goals. These statements are very effective because when you repeat them you are not focusing on the negative self-talk while motivating ourselves. These confirmations are reprogramming our mind. When we use these continuously then we will feel ourselves more confident, strenghten our positive thougths and it can help us to achieve ANY goal we set.

Positive affirmations have an unimaginable effect on our bodies, our minds, our immune systems and our spirits. As the sports strengthten our muscles, positive confrimations will also improve our endurance.
Masaru Emoto, a japanese scientist studied the particles of water. Under natural conditions, the crystalline structure of water resembles a snowflake. The different sounds, words, musics had an impact to the molecular structure of water. It changed.  When he played positive sounds to the water, it’s structure grown regular, beautiful shapes while the negative tones resulted in a disintegrating, amorphous crystal structures.

If words can have an impact like this on the molecules of water than imagine the impact that words can have in our own consciousness and physical body which 50-60% is water!

Practice the positive confirmations

It won’t be easy! In the beginning the negative toughts will be on our mind all day without asking, so it will be difficult to focus our minds on practicing positive confirmations. We need to take time to formulate our new, positive and constructive thoughts. In our previous blog post we’ve collect 30 effective sentences for positive confirmations that you can use for yourself! After a short while, our brains will be so reshaped that they will function automatically. Do not forget that without investment there is no success and no visible results! Here will be the invest is the time and energy for ourselves. In the hope of a happier life, it is definitely worth making this sacrifice!

Our faith is made up of self-affirmations. If we are constantly repeat negative confirmations we will lead our lives into a negative pit from which it will be very difficult for us to climb up. We can avoid this process through positive confirmations, as it will guide our subconscious mind in a positive direction. In additon, these confirmations will also prevent the appearance of negative thoughts.

For example, if we find it difficult to speak in front of a larger audience, it is difficult to overcome this fear, which also arouses negative thoughts. This is essentially a negative reinforcement to ourselves. However, we can prepare ourselves spiritually, before the presentation, with the following positive confirmation:

„– I am an intelligent person and this audience deserves to hear my thoughts”
We will speak with a greater confidence, either at a workplace meeting or in front of a larger audience. Not the numbers of audience that matters in these places, but the dedication and confidence. To understand: We want to share an important thing and people need us for it.

How to create positive confirmations?

Let’s think about where we want to improve:

  • Relationships?
  • Work?
  • Finance?
  • Health?
  • Spiritual development?

We have to focus heavily on the area what we want to improve and write some positive statements that express what we want and what we want to achieve, whether it be on paper or on a phone note. Remember that statements should always be about the present and contain only positive words. Let’s highlight exactly what we want, but avoid what we don’t want.

Why should we use positive confirmations? (The metaphysical argument)

Today, the industry of personal growth and success based on some metaphysical writings from the mid 19th century to the first quarter of the 20th century. This was the „New Thought” movement, where the goal was the success and the development.

They were convinced that the positive confirmations are a higher energies than the negative ones. They believed that the positive thoughts that have stronger energy, can stop the negative thoughts that have lower energy levels. In that way the human’s soul can be easily tunable to success, because in his mind only the positive thoughts remains. They believed that the skill of controlling our thoughts existed in everyone.

Why should we use positive confirmations? (Psychological argument)

With the conscious use of affirmations, we say these positive words over and over again. Our subconscious mind absorbs this informations. It is important to recognize that while the conscious mind has the power of knowing, the subconscious has a great effect on performance, while the latter acts on the orders of the former. So with our conscious mind we can really program our subconscious.

By repeating our positive affirmations, we begin programming our subconscious minds for treater success. Most personality development programs also use these confirmations. These incredible results are also documented, and several psychological studies have been conducted in this regard.

Why should we use positive confirmations?  (Theological argument)

„God helps those who help themselves” says the old saying. If you get caught in a negative „wave” your brain will continue to go down that path. You will be constantly feeding the negative thoughts, which are also amplified by the circumstances and the environment. However, if you decide to change, you will receive all earthly and heavenly help together!

Jesus Christ said, „Ask and it is given”. What can we learn from this statement? Before it is given we need to ask. Before we can make a positive change in our lives, we MUST ask with the repeating of the positive affirmations. We should ask for the positive change, over time, the change we crave for, what we set out to accomplish will be given. Using these positive affirmations, YOU can also begin the process of seeking divine help. Positive affirmations are used in many religions to work more closely with God. It is important to know that our request is never humiliating. Asking for help, accepting it: it strengthens the soul, not humiliate it. Give it a try and you’ll soon notice the change, because you deserve it. You have the tool to succeed. And all you have to do is use it! That’s it. Use and enjoy that power and everything that comes with it!