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How to report Clasp64 problem for Mandelay Kft.?

12/02/2021 08:00

Dear User,

Thank you for choosing Clasp64 software from Mandelay Kft.

For the smooth running of the software, it is imperative that we detect as many errors as possible based on user’s feedback.

In order to do this, we would like to provide some help on how to report a bug so that it can be recognized and reproduced, because if we don't find the error you are reporting, we can't do anything about it.

How to report Clasp64 problem for Mandelay Kft.?

The complexity of the software and the fact that the parts are interconnected. Meaning that certain panels or buttons can be accessed in different ways, each path may include a special operation that is different from the other path. Therefore, errors can only be triggered again if we can walk through the path you walked through before.

We would like to ask you to send us software error reports in the following way:

  • calibration (if extra options please were set send details about these)
  • test (if you made some extra settings before the test, please write them down step by step)

From now on, all the buttons you press write in your list, for example: program/risk profile click reverse order, choose the top 3 and click treat etc., and therefore it is very important that all steps are written down. Please take a picture or video of the error. (phone recording will do as long as the problem can be seen)

I'll give you an example of how complex our software is, the process e.g.: calibration and test, autozap kidney stone, then risk profile top3 then virtual doc, treat all after NLP there lucid dream then back to matrix and autozap cellulitis and here the software is frozen. The problem was caused by stuck data in the NLP, but only if you followed the above detailed path. This example was a problem that has already been solved. So, it's important to describe every step.

We also appreciate reporting spelling or typing problems. It's easy to report, take a picture, mark where the problem is and email your opinion about what you think should be written there!

We appreciate any error report and we will notify you about locating the problem otherwise we need more information!

Your report is more than welcome at

Please rate our work on the following link:

Thank you for taking part in the development of the software and your opinion is appreciated.

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