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Positive reinforcement - Mambo-jumbo or True facts?

23/04/2021 08:00

The best way to understand the work of the positive confirmation is if we imagine a toothpaste tube. In the end of the tube there is the positive feelings the way we want to live, to get this you have to push it out everything what is in the tube – in your subconscious -. When you repeat a reinforcement it brings to the surface the blocks, mistakes, non-knowledges, anchord charmic burdens that are ingrained in your subconscious and therefore hinder you.

„Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you!” Saint Augustine – Roman theologist

 Positive reinforcement - Mambo-jumbo or True facts?

The power of pray

Men have been praying for thousands of years. They do it regardless of religion, with words, deeds, songs and in many other ways. We pray when we are happy and we pray when some bad things happen. to us. Somehow we always try to connect with the transcendent.

For centuries, pray has been used by different cultures as a method of healing. There are over 300 clinical studies that the power of prayer really helps and heals! Doctor Deepak Chopra and Larry Dossey have done several researches on the main aspects of prayer that affect our health. Among other things, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts.

The power of mind

Buddha, throughout his life sought ways to cure physical and mental illnesses. He emphasized that the mind plays a big role in both illnesses. He pointed out that the health of the body and the mind are closely interdependent, that is, if the body is sick, the mind is sick too, and if the mind is sick, the body also becomes ill.

The power of the positive reinforcement 

Appropriate reinforcements greatly contribute to joy and cheerfulness, which helps to reduce daily burdens. You can fly fast through these difficulties and stressful moments and enjoy the rest of your day.

The decision is in your hands! Let daily circumstances ruin your day or take control and do your best to live a positive life!

Come and join us in a happier world!

It is very interesting that we are all born with a positive mindset, and then, this „Life”, failures, disapponintments are somehow gradually eliminated from us. As an adult, the task ahead of us is to steer our thinking and raise our self-esteem. What if we could do this daily routine with a help of a program all day long?

The Confirmation theory was developed by Skinner. The theory is based on the idea that catsions are influenced by the individual’s past experience. The positive or negative consequences of previous actions influence the repetition of the action. As a result, understanding the learning process greatly contributes to the understanding of the motivational process.

Types of reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is when an individual can attach positive consequences to action.

Positive affirmations are statements that describe the goal we want to achieve. These sentences, if repeated often, stimulate our minds. Program your brain so that the positive affirmations you make occur. Our subconscious considers that we say to be true, and as a result of commands given to our brains, we will have a more successful life.

Most people repeat the negative statemenst they create to bring about unwanted situations in their lives. However, these words work not only in the wrong directions, but also on the other side. Listen to our minds, because unfortunately we feel more strongly about negative thoughts.

These may include:

  • I am unable to do so
  • I will fall
  • I have no control over it
  • Useless to try
  • They’re better than me anyway

Why can not do this with the positive thoughts? Commands and thoughts control our mind just as do programs. By intentionally using these afrimations, we can influence our subconscious. By transforming our behavior, our habits, our attitudes we steer our whole life in a positive direction.

After using positive reinforcements change can happen immediately. But rather it will take hours, days, or weeks to make a real difference. It depends on how strongly we believe, what our desires are, and how big our goals are. It is important to clarify that it will only work if negative thoughts are completely erased from our minds. Exercising positive reinforcement will be unsuccessful if we are already concerned about our problems in the afternoon.

Positive confirmations

  1. I am healthy and happy
  2. Every day I am getting richer
  3. My mind is calm
  4. I have a lot of energy
  5. The richness I feel as it flows towards me
  6. My body is healthy and works very well
  7. I learn fast
  8. I am calm in every situation
  9. I control my thoughts
  10. I am at peace with myself and the world
  11. My thoughts radiate love
  12. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  13. Love surrounds me
  14. I have the perfect job.
  15. My positive thoughts attract happiness in my life
  16. I live in my dreamhouse.
  17. ./ I live in a loving relationship
  18. I have a wonderful job
  19. Whenever I want, I can travel
  20. I am improving myself every day
  21. I am successful in everything I do
  22. My mind is full of positive thoughts
  23. My day is getting better and better
  24. My life is full of joy
  25. My efforts are successful
  26. I am very motivated
  27. My courage helps me achieve success
  28. With my thougths I convey happiness
  29. My accomplished plans are even better than I excepted
  30. Prosperity comes to my life by creating positive thoughts in my mind.

Select the one you need. from the list of positive reinforcements.Let’s start using it properly, as described above, and there will be a positive change soon in your life.

We will feel the enormous power of positive affirmations as we become more successful. Do you want a happier life? Then dare to dream big! The plan is in your hand. and your aims are in front of you. You deserve happiness.