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Transfer of ownership

27/08/2021 08:00
Important note regarding Transfer of Ownership devices. Important note regarding Transfer of Ownership devices: FOR WEBSITE
Transfer of ownership

Mandelay Kft applies the Transfer of Ownership administration fee which is 50 EUR for those clients who bought used devices (Mandelay Q9, SCIO, EDUCTOR ) and was previously registered at . This fee relates to those clients who already registered and have active account with Mandelay kft CLASP64 software and would like to resell their units to new owners. The new owner of the device needs to pay the 50 EUR administration fee amount to Mandelay Kft's bank account. 

It will not affect new device registrations/or any other USED devices that were not registered on our system before.

According to Mandelay CE requirements, we need to take records on the proper registration and operation of each and every device.

Always check on the official Mandelay website for the latest updates and news.